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knowlegism, nostalgia, and time travel 

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nostalgia meditation
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knowledgism and y3k

The dangers of the impending Y3K crisis are the result of mismanagement of the growth of empirical, digital and consumerist technologies. All of these developments have come at the cost of Humanities Technologies: somatic, intra and interpersonal, emotional technologies that further IRL human connection and culture.

To avoid Y3K and the collapse of society as we know it, we must use Humanities Technologies to travel back in time to our own middle childhoods, to then rewrite a more humanist history.

Thus, it is the mission of the Calvinists to provide temples to middle childhood nostalgia and instruct the populace in nostalgia meditations.

I'In a government experiment from 1970, it was shown that by embedding an especially perceptive person in a perfect recreation of an historical period, that person could be induced to time travel, in psychology, and, therefor, in physical reality. When further experiments caused the sinking of the Titanic, the project was covered up. However, documentation of the experimental methods remains, in the form of the “fictional” novel Time and Again by Jack Finney. The Calvinists have taken this research further, and concluded that the most likely way to redirect history for all of humanity is to incite a mass hysteria of nostalgia that causes all of society to be psychosomatically sucked back in time. The research goes on to indicate that revisiting escapist experiences from middle childhood is the most reliable way to evoke the intensity and focus of nostalgia necessary to induce time travel.

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