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In the year 2731 (32 years after the discovery of the Watterson Archives), the first working transmogrifier was developed. The impact on society was seismic, calling into question concepts like humanity, sentience and cannibalism.

Within 300 years, the 69th circuit of appeals, in the historic Stooges v Lygress decision, officially recognized transmogrified beings as officially belonging to the species and/or substance they transmogrified into.

We invite you to partake of this marvelous technology

How to Transnmogrify

To use the device 
* Select an option
* push the button
* transmogrify

Why transmogrify?

perhaps you have a spirit animal, or are into furries and/or animal play

maybe you feel strongly identified with pork products and other food stuffs

Maybe you have just always wanted a tentacle...

here, we invite you to do you,
but we'll show you how we do,
just in case you're new
(to transmogrification)
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